Judge rules in favor of pharmacist terminated from Giant Eagle

| Jun 15, 2018 | Unemployment Compensation

If you’re a pharmacist, part of your job is clarifying medications and prescriptions. If you have to do so over the phone, that’s normally an acceptable way to do business.

According to the story, the pharmacist, who was then working at Giant Eagle, had been an employee for 28 years. He was fired after being accused of “breaking the law” when he called doctors to clarify contradictory orders on their prescriptions. The company claimed he could not take prescriptions over the phone based on company policy, but that policy applies to pharmacy technicians.

He argued that he only clarified prescriptions, he did not take them. Additionally, he had asked a technician to find out simple clarifications, like if the prescription was supposed to be for 21 or 28 days or to make sure the patient was given instructions to take the prescription in the way the doctor intended.

The judge found that the Pharmacy Code only prohibits taking prescriptions over the phone, not clarifying or modifying existing prescriptions. Without clarification, the judge added, the prescriptions would be meaningless. This helped the pharmacist win his case and eligibility for jobless aid. It’s not clear if the pharmacist will pursue other claims against the company for his termination.

When you’re fired from a job, it doesn’t automatically mean you can’t get unemployment compensation. With good information and support for your case, you can show why you should receive unemployment compensation regardless of the termination of your job. Your attorney can help you fight for the benefits you deserve to receive from the state.

Source: PennLive, “Pharmacist fired for ‘clarifying’ prescriptions by phone wins bid for unemployment comp,” Matt Miller, May 30, 2018