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Bethlehem Attorneys Offering Church Governance, Policy and Conflict Resolution Legal Counsel

Like any other business institution, churches and other religious organizations, and the individuals who work for them, need honest, aggressive advocacy when involved in a dispute. At the same time, the attorney who represents them needs to understand the ecclesiastical context that is involved when dealing with a religious entity.

When disputes arise involving a religious organization, Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC has experience in representing the organization as well as individuals involved in the church. Attorney Richard Ellis Santee Jr. has more than 20 years of experience serving in a variety of paid and volunteer roles for the Moravian Church, including serving as a lay member of its administrative body and currently as its chancellor. Joanne Kelhart has also served her church in a variety of disciplines. The lawyers use their unique knowledge and insight to provide exceptional service on behalf of their clients.

Advising Congregations, Church Employees and Other Religious Entities

Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC provides legal representation and advice to local churches in cases involving conflict between congregations and relationships between churches and their employees. The issues the firm handles include:

  • Disputes between church members and congregations
  • Contract disputes
  • Internal congregational disputes
  • Guidance on church governance and policy

Many church law issues involve the interpretation of the terms of the governing document. While disagreements over these terms can be resolved through negotiations, the lawyers of Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC are known for their litigation skills and are prepared to take on the contentious matters that require more aggressive intervention.

The Law Firm You Need for Church Conflict Resolution

The Lehigh Valley church law attorneys of Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC welcome inquiry from religious organizations and their members. We are pleased to provide counsel and representation focused on the goals, rights and interests of the client. Call 610-691-7000 or Email the law firm to schedule a consultation.