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When You Need A Skilled Civil Litigation Attorney

People rarely want to be involved in a conflict that leads them to the courtroom, but disputes happen and, sometimes, they can only be resolved through legal action. People often become involved in legal action not by choice, but by necessity, as when someone else files a lawsuit against them. Other times there is no recourse but to talk with a lawyer — taking legal action to achieve what is right and just.

At Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we represent individual and business clients in virtually all areas of civil litigation. We routinely appear before district justices, arbitration panels and Courts of Common Pleas.

We handle many civil matters, including the ones listed below:

  • Collections
  • Contract disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Commercial matters
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Breach of contract issues
  • Real estate disputes
  • Warranty claims
  • Mortgage foreclosure
  • Insurance claims

Our attorneys are not afraid to go to court to protect their client’s interests. While we explore all possible methods of dispute resolutions, other lawyers know that we do not hesitate to litigate when litigation is necessary to achieve the best possible results. When we do go to court, we do extensive preparation to try to achieve a favorable outcome quickly and efficiently.

Our civil litigation practice is primarily handled by Michael Deschler, an experienced trial lawyer, who has dedicated his career to achieving the best possible results for clients. Mr. Deschler handles different types of commercial litigation, with an emphasis on residential and commercial construction litigation. In this area of law, our firm represents contractors and homeowners in claims and counterclaims related to construction defects, warranty claims and timely completion. Construction defects range from minor, but annoying defects such as cracks in concrete and nail pops to major structural problems.

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