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Criminal Defense

Matt Deschler is an experienced criminal defense attorney handling all manner of cases, ranging from summary traffic offenses, to DUIs, thefts, assaults, and homicides. Since 2014, Matt has served as a Court-appointed defense counsel in Northampton County, during which time he has represented hundreds of clients.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a skilled defense attorney to protect your rights. Matt represents clients from the preliminary hearing, which is the first stage in the proceedings in which a defendant can seek to dismiss the charges, through to pretrial, trial, sentencing, and any appellate proceedings. The police and prosecutors will be working hard to convict you. You need someone on your side fighting just as hard in defense of your rights. You need sound advice as to whether it is in your best interest to negotiate a guilty plea or take the case to trial. You need to know whether the police, in obtaining evidence against you, have violated your constitutional rights, in which case you can file a suppression motion to exclude the use of that ill-gotten evidence against you at trial.

Matt represents clients not only in major criminal cases, but in summary traffic offenses tried in magisterial district courts. While people charged with minor traffic offenses often choose to represent themselves before local magistrates, there is no substitute for having a trained defense lawyer on your side. For example, in traffic cases, the most important goal for many people is to avoid or limit the number of points on their driving record. An experienced attorney understands which offenses will result in points, and how many points will be added to your driver’s record for any given offense.

If you have been charged with a crime, call the Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC today to schedule a consultation.