Men deal with sexual harassment in the workplace, too

| Jun 26, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

A group of people that often are overlooked when discussing sexual harassment is men. Men face sexual harassment frequently, but they may not feel as comfortable seeking help.

It’s normal for employers, coworkers and employees to feel they have to appear strong and masculine, but the reality is that harassment is harmful to men and women alike. A workplace that is tolerant of any kind of harassment is only encouraging more people to suffer.

In a study that was performed on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, 655 men and women were surveyed. Of them, 326 were men. The average showed that each person experienced around one instance of harassment during their work lives. That might seem shocking, considering the number of people surveyed, but it’s really not. If you talk to anyone about their workplaces, you’re bound to hear about at least one incident where harassment might have played a role in an uncomfortable situation.

Sexual harassment has a negative effect on the way people perform their jobs, which is no surprise. Actively standing up for your rights is one of the only ways to combat this issues.

What should you do if you face harassment at work?

The main thing you should do is remember that you do have a right to work in a safe, productive environment. You don’t have to put up with harassment, whether it’s verbal or physical. Your attorney can help you file a complaint and work to get into a position where you can go to work without the fear of harassment or other problems happening.