Claiming unemployment compensation as a fired worker

| Apr 17, 2019 | Unemployment Compensation

Being fired from your job can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving you with no income and bills to pay. Being fired is always an extremely stressful time, but there are possibilities to take away the strain of the situation.

It is possible to claim unemployment compensation when you lose your job. However, successfully making a claim can only be done under certain circumstances. It is important that you understand your eligibility for unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania, especially if you were fired from your previous job.

What conditions need to be met before claiming unemployment compensation?

In order to claim unemployment compensation, you must be legally able to work in the United States and employed for a certain amount of time. You must have already earned a predefined amount of wages before becoming unemployed. Additionally, you must be able, available and willing to engage in work immediately.

Can I claim unemployment compensation if I was fired?

Your eligibility for unemployment compensation is not automatically discounted if you were fired, but the reason for your firing is relevant. If you were fired through no fault of your own or for an action that was unintentional, you will still be eligible for unemployment compensation. However, if you engaged in employee misconduct and were fired as a result, this will make you ineligible for unemployment compensation.

Unemployment compensation can serve as a financial lifeline for fired workers in Pennsylvania. If you believe that you should be entitled to unemployment compensation, it is important that you take action to assert your rights, even if your application was previously denied.