Common areas to slip and fall in during the warmer days

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Personal Injury

Many residents in Pennsylvania feel safer to take runs and walks outside during the later spring months and early summer months. Even though there is plenty of rain around this time, it’s still easier to deal with than piles of snow and black ice on the pavement.

However, there are still several ways people can slip and fall when they go outside. Property owners need to ensure their areas are safe before having people walk through or by it since they can’t rely on the weather as an excuse around this time. As you enjoy your outdoor activities, you need to make sure to be careful when visiting these popular spring and summer locations, as they are filled with fall hazards when it gets hot out.

Swimming pools

Pools are often one of the most popular sites for slips during the summer months since they are guaranteed to have wet surroundings. Some believe a lawsuit seeking compensation isn’t worth it since pool safety rules such as no running around should be common knowledge at this point.

However, property owners should still make additional efforts to reduce the chances of fall injuries around their pools. They could place mats around the pool to make the walking area less slippery, put up a fence to prevent children from entering without permission and have wet floor signs around the area to remind visitors that there may be more wet ground than they realize.

Outdoor festivals

Pennsylvania has many outdoor concerts and festivals during the summer that encourages residents to go outside and be a part of the action. Unfortunately, the staff that are behind these events don’t always do the best job of keeping them clean.

Musical festivals frequently contain unruly crowds that are either too immature or drunk. They could end up spilling something on the ground that causes you to trip or knock you down simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If possible, try to avoid these people and dirty areas so you can celebrate the occasion safely.


Once the snow melts, drivers get excited to start commuting on more tolerable roads. Unfortunately, many fail to realize that many cracks and potholes have begun to surface throughout the state that require immediate repairs.

Similar problems exist for most of the sidewalks throughout the state. The state often prioritizes road construction over sidewalk repairs, so most of the damage you see during your morning run is going to be there for a while. If property owners aren’t making efforts to get their area fixed, then they should at least provide warnings to other people to look out for what lies ahead.

Slip and fall injuries have resulted in many controversial cases in Pennsylvania because it can be difficult to determine who was at fault for the accident. If you end up with a fall injury around this time of year, make sure to consult with a personal injury attorney to see if your case is worth pursuing.