Autumn hazards for bicycle riders in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents

Fall is the last season for bicycle enthusiasts in Pennsylvania to go out for some rides before they put their bikes away for several months. Many bicyclists love the fall because of the cool air and the gorgeous, colorful scenery they can pass through while pedaling down the road.

However, that beauty comes at a price. Autumn has several unique seasonal hazards that can make it harder to ride through compared to summer. As you begin planning for your last rides of the year, you should take precautions against the following obstacles:

Shorter days

Several riders fail to realize how little sunlight there is in the fall before it is too late. Even before daylight savings, it can get dark pretty early for those who work the typical 9-5 shift. Before taking a ride, cyclists should go online to see when the sun is setting for the day in their cities.

Pennsylvania requires cyclists to make themselves visible at night for other drivers. Their bicycles should come equipped with reflectors on their wheels as well as the front and rear. In addition, cyclists also need to invest in a front light they can place on their bicycle or their helmet so they can see where they are going in the dark and wear brighter clothes at night.

Slippery roads

You may have dealt with your fair share of rainy days during the summer, but the wet days can be especially perilous during the fall. Since autumn is slowly transitioning towards winter, the water will stay on the ground longer and may even form ice at some points.

This can get even worse on roads and sidewalks covered with fallen leaves. Leaves can get difficult to drive on even when it’s not wet outside, so morning cyclists will have some additional worries given how wet the ground often is during this time of year even when rain isn’t involved.

Keeping the bicycle up to date

The wet and muddy roads can also take a toll on your bicycle. If you neglect to clean or update your bike properly during these months, you’ll end up taking it to the bicycle shop more times than you would like to. You should try to do so immediately after a ride so the mud doesn’t settle into your bike and ruin it.

You also need to keep an eye out for reckless motorists that are going to school or struggling to adjust to the shorter days. If a negligent driver injures you during your ride, consider your legal options that can aid you in filing for compensation.