4 types of personal injury claims in the workplace

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Personal Injury

The number of worker injuries at Amazon’s distribution facilities has made the news in recent years. While these incidents highlight the need for better worker protection standards and safety protocols in many workplaces, the reported cases of injured or killed Amazon workers have exposed the willingness of some companies to cover up lax safety standards and manipulate injury investigations to claim worker fault.

Injury lawsuits in the workplace

Though most workplace injuries qualify for workers’ compensation, a personal injury claim may be possible in the following situations:

  • An employer caused intentional harm: If an employer knowingly sent the worker into exceedingly dangerous working conditions or tried to injure them in some way, the employee could have a personal injury claim.
  • Exposure to a toxic substance: A lawsuit may be possible against an employer or the manufacturer of a chemical product.
  • The employer has no workers’ compensation insurance: The employee might have the basis for a lawsuit if their employer has no workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Defective products: The employee may have a product liability claim or a claim against the employer (if they manufacture the product) if it caused an injury.

An attorney focuses on the case while the injured focus on their recovery

Taking on an employer requires a skilled personal injury lawyer with experience handling severe injury cases in the workplace. Injured victims deserve fair compensation for their injuries, so consult a lawyer to weigh options before filing a claim against an employer, a product manufacturer or a negligent party.