Ice and snow are past us, but slips and falls are always a possibility

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Personal Injury

Most people in climates like ours are very aware of the dangers of slipping, falling and suffering injuries in the winter. Retail stores might even lean on employees to be extra watchful of the condition of floors.

Even without ice and snow, however, slips and falls are a reality of daily life.

Groceries, fast food and food courts mean slippery floors

A bright, gleaming floor in a hardware or grocery store aisle or at a burger or burrito joint is not always ideal for preventing injuries. Even a small amount of ketchup, sour cream, or powder of any kind can create a perfectly slick spot that most ordinary, reasonably watchful people can miss.

When such a person suddenly “does the splits,” drops to one knee, or falls with nothing stable to use as a handrail, a hard floor can make for damaging, painful, even life-altering injuries. And it does not matter how hot and sunny the weather is outside.

Locker rooms, pools and gyms

Pools, showers, water bottles and sweat on bathroom tiles or brushed concrete can be hazardous. People of any age or physical condition, often wearing the least possible protective clothing, suffer severe injuries just when they’re trying to relax or stay healthy.

Parks, concerts and lawns

Anywhere there is dirt and water, there is mud, one of nature’s most slippery substances. Even state capitols, universities, corporate offices water their lawns, so it does not take the beer-soaked mosh pit at an outdoor festival to make for potential slips and dangerous falls. But hot summer weather is nearly a prerequisite.

A duty to prevent foreseeable injuries

Almost everyone sees all of it every summer. Hazardous conditions often are foreseeable. We know we will see it again this summer and so do the owners and managers of venues and buildings. The laws of Pennsylvania offer us the means to seek justice after negligence causes accidents.