Survey reveals attitudes toward distracted driving

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Distracted Driving

Though texting and driving grab the headlines, distracted driving encompasses much more. Taking photos and videos, eating or drinking, applying makeup, or turning your head to talk to your passengers can distract a driver from their primary task: driving safely.

To build upon the distracted driving information they compiled in 2019, The Zebra, a digital auto and home insurance comparison marketplace, conducted a survey in January 2020 to understand driving practices and attitudes of American drivers across all ages.

The results are disturbing. 

Drivers identify their main distraction

When asked if mobile distractions hinder a driver’s ability to drive safely, 37.1 percent completely agreed, 19.5 percent completely disagreed, and 33.3 percent were somewhere in the middle.

Of the Americans who were neutral or agreed, 28.6 percent agreed that texting and driving is their number-one distraction. The other contenders were video chatting, responding to work emails and taking photos or videos.

Below is a breakdown of the other results:

  • Percentage of respondents who said they eat or drink while they drive: 56.7 percent
  • Percentage of respondents who said they have engaged in drinking and driving, while also agreeing that texting and driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving: 39.9 percent

Apple versus Android drivers

  • Drivers who felt pressure to immediately respond to a text:
    • Apple: 58.6 percent
    • Android: 17.7 percent
  • Drivers who admitted to video-chatting while driving
    • Apple: 70.4 percent
    • Android: 23.7 percent
  • Drivers who completely agreed that texting and driving and driving under the influence are equally dangerous
    • Apple: 51.5 percent
    • Android: 53.7 percent


Distracted driving is still an issue and leads to thousands of car wrecks and subsequent injuries and fatalities. More than 4,600 people lost their lives due to distracted driving behaviors in 2018.

If you do end up in a car accident and fall victim to a personal injury, contact a personal injury attorney to assist you in seeking due compensation.