In what workplace am I most likely to fall?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2020 | Personal Injury

It is likely that if somebody asked you to picture a hazardous work environment, you would think of a construction site or a quarry. However, construction sites are not the most hazardous when it comes to slips and falls.

The real culprit may surprise you. According to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, people who work in offices are more than twice as likely to experience injury via falling as compared to any other workplace.

What makes offices dangerous?

Tripping over objects carelessly left in the hallways is a major source of office falls. For example, it is common for a coworker to leave open a file drawer. Often, another coworker who was not paying attention will trip over this drawer when walking down the hallway. Additionally, in many workplaces electrical wires strung across hallways are very common.

It is also common for workers to fall off chairs. Many times, rather than fetching a proper stepladder, a worker will elect to stand on a chair in order to reach a high object. Particularly if the chair has wheels, this is extremely dangerous.

How can I prevent falls?

It is vital for both the employee and the employer to exhibit vigilance. Employees need to ensure that they are paying attention to their surroundings. If you see open file drawers in hallways or spills on the floor, take initiative and clean them up.

It is also vital for employers to keep their workplaces in top shape. If there is loose carpeting in hallways, make sure that you replace it promptly. Employees must have adequate access to step ladders if accessing high up materials is necessary.