Primary goals of the perfect parenting plan

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2022 | Family Law

Divorce and custody issues are often messy and difficult. There is one thing that can simplify the situation regarding custody. This is a well-developed and accurate parenting plan.

One part of developing a great parenting plan is to set goals. These goals are fairly simple and clearly define the plan’s overall result. The State of Pennsylvania can require divorcing parents to submit a parenting plan, especially in a high-conflict divorce.

1. Maximizing stability through routines

Children do best when their parent’s divorce does not interrupt their routine. This means the parenting plan should seek to maintain the child’s friendships, hobbies and other activities whenever possible. When both parents commit to a plan, it normalizes and stabilizes the child’s day-to-day life.

2. Avoid conflicts

Parental conflicts can impact a child’s emotional and social development. The plan should seek to minimize conflicts by outlining each parent’s responsibilities, timetables and remedies for conflict. When you write everything down and there are steps to follow, it is easier to avoid conflict and support a child’s mental health.

3. Maximize parenting opportunities

One goal of a parenting plan should be to maximize time with each parent and extended family members. This helps assure the children that they are in a supportive, stable, loving environment.

4. Gives flexibility

In life, there needs to be a bit of flexibility. This is also true in parenting and co-parenting. Making this a priority allows parents to adapt the parenting plan as life changes.

Establishing the goals of a parenting plan in the very beginning ensures it meets your children’s needs while providing room for growth.