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Protecting Your Rights In Child Custody Cases

At Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we can appreciate how much children mean to our clients and how stressful it can be when parents’ rights and responsibilities are in conflict. As experienced attorneys, we know that we must fight hard to protect the parent-child relationship.

Our law firm helps parents protect their relationships with their children. We use in-depth knowledge of the law to resolve matters of child custody and partial custody (sometimes referred to as “visitation”) efficiently and effectively.

Ensuring That The Best Interests Of Your Child Are Priority

In Pennsylvania, child custody is determined based upon the best interests of the child standard. The child’s best interests are determined by reviewing a series of factors, including who has been the child’s primary caregiver; how the child is currently being cared for; and how the child is doing in school and socially.

At one time, the law favored mothers over fathers, but that is no longer the case. Parents are treated equally by Pennsylvania family law — regardless of whether they are the mother or father. What counts is their relationship with the child.

Courts generally believe that a child’s best interests are met by exposure to both parents, so they favor custody agreements that involve both parents having frequent contact with the child. Gone are the days when fathers got visitation only every other weekend. Parents now can develop more creative custody plans, including an equitable sharing of vacation times. However, it is still critical to seek representation from an experienced lawyer who will protect your interests and those of your child.

We also handle relocation petitions for parents moving into or out of Pennsylvania. This move is often contested by the left-behind parent. We represent both parties — the moving parent and the left-behind parent — depending on the situation. Recognizing that each situation is different, we tailor our services to achieve favorable results.

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