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Helping You Understand Powers Of Attorney

At Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we understand that estate planning, at its core, is about setting your mind at ease when it comes to your future health care and management of financial affairs. Regardless of your personal experiences, creating a power of attorney allows you the opportunity to ensure your wishes are respected in the event of illness or incapacity.

Using our legal knowledge and experience in estate planning, we assist clients who are suffering from an illness or about to endure a medical procedure that may cause incapacitation, or those who are simply interested in “setting their affairs in order.” Contact our Bethlehem powers of attorney lawyers to schedule a confidential consultation.

Protecting Your Family And Gaining Peace Of Mind

Especially in cases where estate planning is driven by a desire to protect yourself and your family from the effects of a degenerative illness or medical condition, establishing medical power of attorney as part of a health care directive is an important part of creating a comprehensive estate plan.

A health care directive or living will gives a trusted individual, or health care proxy, the power to make medical decisions on your behalf. Financial powers of attorney, also called durable powers of attorney, can also be designated for management of your financial affairs.

In situations where a loved one has become incapacitated to the extent that he or she can no longer make decisions for himself or herself, and a financial or medical power of attorney was not designated, we can assist you in seeking these powers through a court-established guardianship or conservatorship.

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For questions about designating powers of attorney, call Shay, Santee, Kelhart & Deschler LLC in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, at 610-295-5328 or toll-free at 877-716-3631. You may also complete our online contact form to arrange a confidential consultation with an experienced Hellertown estate planning lawyer. We can also assist with your other estate planning and estate administration needs, as well as estate litigation.