Does it matter who is at fault in a slip and fall accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Personal Injury

Slip and fall accidents may seem minor, but for older adults, young children or adults who have had serious injuries in the past, these accidents could result in permanent medical conditions.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip and fall accident at the hands of a negligent party, you should seek justice for the pain and suffering this carelessness has caused. However, it’s important to be sure that you are properly prepared to defend these types of cases well.

Pennsylvania law determines fault for slip and fall accidents by comparing the level of negligence that each of the parties involved may have contributed to the resulting incident. The damages that can be collected will depend on how at-fault the court determines each party to be. If the injured person holds equal (or more) responsibility for his or her harm as the other party involved, the injured person may not be able to receive compensation.

If the judge or court find that the injured party holds only a small percentage of blame for the accident, the other party may be ordered to pay for damages, including lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other losses. However, the defendant would subtract the percentage of responsibility that the injured party was attributed with from the total amount of damages.

To discuss how best to defend your slip and fall case, talk to an attorney. A lawyer can explain the best defense approaches to take to help you get financial support.