How can people get burns during a car crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2023 | Personal Injury

In the chaotic aftermath of a car crash, one of the most devastating injuries individuals may face is burns. These injuries can result from a combination of factors.

Understanding the dynamics of how burns occur in car crashes sheds light on the severity of these incidents and underscores the importance of safety measures.

Impact and friction

Upon collision, the force exerted on a vehicle can cause various components to malfunction or rupture. Fuel tanks can burst upon impact, releasing flammable substances.

The subsequent contact with hot surfaces, such as the exhaust system or engine components, can ignite these substances. Thermal burns are the most popular kind in America, making up a total of 86% of burns.

Airbag deployment

While airbags are important for reducing the impact force experienced during a crash, their rapid deployment can also contribute to burn injuries. The intense heat generated by the chemical reaction within the airbag may cause burns upon contact.

Clothing ignition

The materials used in modern vehicles’ interiors, such as upholstery and clothing, may pose an additional risk during a crash. Friction, heat and exposure to open flames can cause clothing to catch fire, increasing burn injuries.

Escape challenges

Extracting individuals from vehicles engulfed in flames requires precision and speed, as delays may lead to more severe injuries. The dynamic nature of burn injuries in car crashes underscores the importance of instructing emergency responders to handle these complex situations.

Car crashes are traumatic events that can have life-altering consequences, especially when burns happen. Being vigilant and prioritizing safety can help change these negative outcomes.