What constitutes sexual harassment?

| Nov 14, 2018 | Sexual Harassment

Most people think of employment-related sexual harassment as something that happens in person through comments, unwanted touching or unwanted sexual advances. However, sexual harassment can also happen in written form, textual form, electronic form and through voice transmission technology by way of the internet. This type of sexual harassment is called “online sexual harassment.”

Online sexual harassment falls under two primary categories: sexually harassing materials and messages sent to the victim and sexually harassing materials posted on the internet about the victim.

Sexually harassing materials sent to a victim

Imagine you’re sitting at home after a long day at the office one evening, and you receive an email in your inbox. When you open the email, you realize that it’s a pornographic image from your boss. Alternatively, maybe you get a text message of inappropriate pictures from a co-worker. Because these electronic messages are from people you work with, this kind of behavior could constitute online sexual harassment.

Sexually harassing materials posted about the victim on the internet

Imagine you’re browsing Facebook one day in your spare time. To your horror, you find an insulting post about you that has a sexual connotation to it. The post was published by your boss or co-worker from the office, and it’s highly degrading and embarrassing. This kind of instance might also be considered online sexual harassment.

If you’re being victimized by online sexual harassment, you have every right to make it stop. Our law office is available to any victims of workplace sexual harassment to assist them in evaluating their situations and exploring various ways of protecting their legal rights.