Pennsylvania traffic deaths hit all-time low in 2019

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In 2019, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation announced its lowest number of traffic deaths in a single year since it began keeping records in 1928. This is encouraging for drivers and passengers as well as decision-makers, who have invested significant funds in safety initiatives. Their efforts seem to be returning real results.

For the third time in six years, Pennsylvania broke its own record for the lowest amount of deaths on record, with a total of just 1,059 lives lost in 2019. The decline in fatalities follows the national trend recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While every death is a tragedy, progress in traffic safety on this scale is something to celebrate.

Which statistics are looking good?

  • Unrestrained fatalities were the lowest in 20 years at just 330 deaths
  • Aggressive driving contributed to 95 deaths in 2019, compared with 129 in 2018
  • Drivers age 65 or older were involved in 281 fatal accidents, which is significantly down from 330 in 2018
  • Pedestrian deaths were also down, at just 154 fatal accidents
  • The highest number of fatalities (51.1 percent) occur in lane departure crashes

Which statistics are not looking good?

  • Motorcycle deaths increased in 2019
  • Deaths at intersections were more common in 2019

Despite these heartening statistics, the loss of even one life is one too many. Pennsylvania policymakers must maintain their commitment to making the roads even safer for you and your family. This includes structural safety improvements on things like rumble strips, signs and pavement markings.