What are some slip and fall dangers in summer?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2020 | Personal Injury

Winter is not the only season with slip and fall risks, even though it often gets the most attention. Summer has just as much potential to throw hazards in your way that lead to a serious fall.

Sliptech explains many people do not give much concern to slip and falls in summer as they do in winter because they overlook the fact that all it takes is a little water to create a slick surface, and water in summer is in abundance.

In areas near pools and waterways

Any area near where people are swimming becomes a slip risk. Wood especially is slick when it has even a thin layer of water on it. Even mud poses an issue. If people are coming inside after swimming and they are not fully dry, this can create a hazard on flooring.

On or near boats

Boats may be made for the water, but they still have surfaces that get slippery when wet. You need special coatings to prevent these risks. Even then, getting off the boat and onto the dock, which is usually wood, opens you up to the potential of a fall due to not being able to get traction.

In parking lots

Oil dripping from vehicles causes a big enough risk on its own, but when there is a summer storm, the mix of water and oil creates the perfect recipe for a slick surface. Even if you do not fall when you step into a puddle, you may track that oil inside, creating a slip risk for anyone entering after you.