Tips for safe night driving

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The National Safety Council says that even though about 75% of our drives occur during the day, at least half of traffic deaths occur at night. Taking steps to drive safely after dark can reduce your risk of serious injury in an auto accident.

Keep these strategies in mind when driving at night.

Keep headlights and windshield clean

A dirty windshield can make it difficult to see in daylight, and at night streaks can become downright dangerous. For best results, clean your windshield each time you drive. Take steps to clear your headlights too. Removing dirt, snow and debris improves your visibility and makes it easier for other drivers to see you. Use an auto-shop kit to restore yellowed headlamps to boost brightness by 20% or more.

Check your night vision

Vision can decrease gradually as we age, so you may not notice right away if your ability to see at night has worsened. If you are age 50 or older, or younger but already wear corrective lenses, you should have an annual eye exam.

Talk to your eye doctor right away if you cannot see well while driving. You can also ask about glasses with glare-reduction. This coating reduces the impact of other motorists’ lights, which can have halos that block your vision.

Adjust headlamps

Your headlights can become misaligned over time, which affects their ability to illuminate the road. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or visit your mechanic if your lamps aren’t brightening your path.

So, remember that responsible night driving can help prevent catastrophic auto accidents.