Why do SUVs and pickups hit pedestrians more often than cars do?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Personal Injury

As a pedestrian, someone driving a larger vehicle, like an SUV or truck, is more likely to hit you than someone driving a smaller vehicle. A recent study made this conclusion after investigating the rise of pedestrian deaths on roads throughout the U.S.

According to AP News, while taking a left turn, pickup trucks were 42% more likely to hit a pedestrian. Additionally, the study found that when SUVs made a left turn, they were 23% more likely to hit someone outside of a car.

Causes of increased crashes

One of the reasons why SUVs and trucks are more likely to cause pedestrian accidents is because of their thicker “A-pillars,” which protect the roofs of these vehicles from collapsing during a rollover collision. These larger pillars make it harder for drivers of larger vehicles to see pedestrians in a blind spot. The higher hoods of trucks and SUVs also make it more difficult for drivers to clearly see pedestrians who are walking in front of the vehicle.

Solutions to these risks

To make it easier for drivers of trucks and SUVs to see pedestrians, automakers could start using stronger materials to create the A-pillars. These vehicles could also come with emergency braking systems that alert drivers to pedestrians and analyze the sightlines of these cars.

While federal regulators and automakers may have plans to make trucks and SUVs less hazardous to pedestrians, large passenger vehicles still kill and injure pedestrians every day. If you incurred injuries in a pedestrian accident, take steps to protect your legal rights as you recover.