How improper truck loading causes accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2023 | Truck Accidents

The way that you load cargo onto a truck directly affects the way that the truck handles on the road. Even weight distribution and proper load positioning are essential for everyone’s safety. Many people are unfamiliar with the risks associated with improper loading.

There are some common loading mistakes that pose safety issues.

Overloading the truck

Every truck and trailer has a defined load capacity based on the total weight that the vehicle can safely haul without risking mechanical failures. Overloading any truck can put the vehicle at risk of brake failures, increased stopping distance and equipment damage.

Stacking loads too high

The higher you stack a load, the higher the center of gravity becomes. This puts the truck at risk of a rollover in any corner and leads to poor handling which can interfere with emergency reactions.

Improper hauling of oversized loads

Oversized loads must be carefully secured, and the driver must have permits and escorts for good reasons. If you fail to adhere to these safety precautions, you may encounter issues with vehicle handling, clearance and overall safety.

Poor load balancing

Unbalanced cargo loads put the truck and trailer at risk of axle damage, poor handling and the potential for a rollover if the weight shifts.

Insufficient cargo straps

When cargo is not secured correctly, shifting can interfere with truck handling. Not only that, but unsecured cargo may fall from the truck or trailer, causing a safety hazard in the roadway.

Safety is a paramount concern when you haul any cargo. Large trucks and trailers can pose serious risks on the road if you make these loading mistakes.